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1. Minuarve.ee website using Client gives a clear and informed consent to the processing of personal data minuarve.ee'le own.
2. Minuarve.ee by the customer uses personal data only to fill customer's orders. The data is treated confidentially and not disclosed to third parties, except the then the customer's choice of delivery method, and it requires by law.
3. Minuarve.ee reserves the right to send customer information on new products and special offers, unless the client has ordered minuarve.ee newsletter. The customer has the right to request deletion of your data minuarve.ee database.
4. In these circumstances, matters not regulated hereunder and Customer minuarve.ee Estonian state laws and regulations governing the relationship between the parties, and other acts.
5. The purpose of these terms and conditions arising from the disagreements and disputes between the Parties by means of negotiations. If the dispute can not be resolved by agreement between the Parties, the customer as minuarve.ee the right to seek legal redress from the Consumer Protection Board or the courts.